15 Apr 2012

Revolution 2012 Makes My Days Triple Awesome !

revo 2012 are triple triple triple awesome! yes, God loves me, you, him, her, she, he, them, others and all of you there. yeah ini tahun Aireen bersemangat bersatu padu cemerlang gemilang time revo tahun ni. sanggup keluar rumah pukul 6 and berebut masuk dan ambil tempat paling depan. God is awesome. and time revo ni Aireen dapat banyak ilham. ilham tu datang secara langsung and tak langsung juga. ngeee~ enjoy the days. never say tired during jumping-jumping. never say never during praise and worship. last part, WE WANT MORE WE WANT MORE. 

okey guys, i just want to share u 'bout myself during last day. on that time, i just keep saying 'bout my dad to God. I tell Him what i feel right now. i keep on praying and praise the Lord. yeahh me, a little bit hate my dad before. just a little bit okey? i had this feeling since the first. just because of his attitude. sometimes, he cant control his anger. and let his bad words out from his mouth. and i hate that part, the way he talk so much. not only my dad, i also tell everything to God 'bout Acqal. u know what, since me and geng 'get out' from his workplace, mcD, i just keep thinking 'bout him. dont know why. thinking, did i make mistakes? lalala~ before me and mom pick my friends, we went to the Drive-thru. aww aww~ i saw him. oh God, i miss him BADLY. 

during me and my friends were prayed, i scream scream scream and scream. God ask me to do that. then when i stand up, i feel the freedom. oh yeahh, it's true okey? stand up then i say thanks to God. i ask from God to solve my dad's prob. anything. i hope the revolution happen to my dad. and also to my sayang barbie. any problems, God can solve it.

today is sunday. i love sunday so much. the day that i can spent much time with my family. yeaa, my dad a little bit change. HAHA praise the Lord. my dad go to grace grocery to buy something for my lil brothers. yeahh, me at the back in a boring and lazy mode, just thinking 'bout my homeworks. HAHA sempat~ i turn my head to the right side, OH MY GOD, Acqal was there. waiting for someone in the car. but his face errrr muram-muram sahaja. uppss his 2nd brother just 'get out' from the grocery and he saw me! HAHA. terkejut haa? Acqal reverse his car, then he look at me, then smile to me, then BYE-BYE me. uweeekkk, i saw his smile, okey ! i'm very shock. ergghh ! macamlah tak pernah tengok dia sinyum-sinyum. yeahh, i'm in trouble actually. i dont know what his problem. nevermind, God will solve it for me. 

okey guys. rojak-rojak bahasa kan? Aireen sedang mengusahakan untuk menyepiking diri. any mistaken, sorry. jadi kesimpulannya, apa saja masalah yang ada, just let God solve it. i love my dad and Acqal so much !

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